“Intelligence is what we learn.
Wisdom is what we unlearn.”


While designing the curriculum, we have kept in mind that an entrepreneur should possess three sets of competencies. These are life competencies, business competencies and technological competencies.


Life competencies include higher purpose, vision, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, adaptability, grit, innovation, risk taking and the ability to deal with failure.


Business competencies like writing business plans, financial planning, funding, legal requirements, corporate governance and how to grow the business.

The third set includes technological competencies, especially in the context of the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution, characterised by Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and bioengineering.

The learning framework will be based on the 40:20:40 model.

  • 40% will be experiential and collaborative learning experiences between the student, the mentor and the community.

  • 20% will be based on the coaching, mentoring, feedback and assessment by parent mentors.

  • 40% will be devoted to self-directed learning


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