The purpose of education has been redefined and it is now to prepare students to be future ready, that is to make them Start-up ready when they graduate from school. The Start-up School is not a business school, although it provides students the choice of being a business entrepreneur. In its wider perspective, we are talking about life entrepreneurship, a concept that enables an individual to be Start-up You- an outlier, an exponential leader, an individual who is a lifelong learner, one who can adapt to continuous change, uncertainty, and volatility; and possesses the competencies to re-skill and reinvent oneself.

The Indus Start-up School is the first of its kind in K-12 education in the world where students of Grades 9 to 12 pursue a twinning/dual programme. Students work in teams to develop their leadership, life, business and technology-based competencies.


A unique feature of the Start-up School is the involvement of parents as mentors who guide and coach students in the development of business competencies. This parent-school partnership highlights the paradigm shift in 21st century education and its importance in unlocking the potential of the child.

"All Human Beings are Entrepreneurs" 

- Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2006)

Message from the CEO


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