The purpose of education has been redefined. Instead of preparing students for universities and jobs, schools must focus on preparing students for life. More specifically, when students graduate, they should be Start-up ready.

The Indus Start-up School is the first of its kind in the world where students pursue a twinning/dual programme and is in sync with the Indus philosophy of preparing children for all challenges, particularly for a future that we do not know.

The school focuses mainly on life entrepreneurship which will enable its students to become outliers, exponential leaders and lifelong learners who welcome rapid change and see opportunities in challenges that come their way in this VUCA environment. And this will further strengthen the innovation culture at Indus.

"All Human Beings are Entrepreneurs" 

- Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2006)


I chose to apply to the Start-up school as I feel that this is an opportunity for me to learn, implement and develop my ideas into something tangible and attainable. I feel that taking this leap of faith in terms of a gap year is a worthwhile risk, as the prospect of learning new and valuable competencies and skills is something that I will immensely benefit from in the real world of business and leadership.

—  ARNAV RAJA, Grade 12, Indus Bangalore


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